Netent vs Microgaming: Which is the better brand?

Online gambling is now very popular and a lot of people are switching from playing casino games at land-based casinos to online casinos. This is because online casinos offer a lot more than brick and mortar casinos offer. With that, the popularity of online gambling continues to increase. Go on ahead to look at the top-netentcasinos site to get more.

Online Gambling: The rise to fame

When online gambling was introduced a lot of players did not trust the concept and with that, it has little to no attention from the gambling community. However, after many years, players began to select to play online because of the numerous benefits online gambling offers. With that, many casinos and casino developers joined the scene. You can visit for more

Currently, there are now a lot of companies offering casino games to online casinos and because of that, there is a competition of who is the best brands. The major thing is that the old-timers such as Microgaming, Netent, and so on, do not want to take a break in developing amazing casino games. So, in this article, we compare the giants

Microgaming: Origin Story

In the online gambling industry, currently, the oldest and active casino game development company is Microgaming. The company was there from the start of the industry. Because of that, the game provider has developed a lot of online casino games to players and impressively, has built a wide reputation in the online gambling community. With that, we can say it is one of the best.

Apart from a huge collection of casino games, Microgaming is known to have developed a good relationship with many online casinos so that casinos find it easy to feature its games. So, as it stands, it easy to find an online casino where you can play games developed by this amazing top online casino game development company in the online gambling industry.

Netent: The Full Story

The story of Netent is similar to that of Microgaming and this is because the company was also around at the beginning of the online gambling industry. Since it was introduced over two decades ago, many players have been getting to enjoy top-notch games from this brand. In addition to that, many online casinos also feature games from this casino game development brand.

With that, Netent has become very popular in the industry. Since the beginning, the main goal is to ensure that players enjoy a wide range of casino games and an amazing playing experience. As a result, a lot of players have selected Netent as the top choice for online casino games as well as every other thing that they need to enjoy their gaming journey.

Who we think is better

Microgaming is certainly a big name in the online gambling industry going by the various kinds of casino games the company has developed over the years. However, we believe Netent has surpassed them when it comes to online casino game development. This is because Netent has become more popular and has a wider range of casino games compared to the Microgaming portfolio.